Cafè Racers the birth of a movement


LE Cafe Racer

How many times, in the world of motorcycling and not, have you heard the term "Cafe Racer"? Let's try to explain the history and above all the idea of Cafe Racer in this article.

History of Cafe Racer

In the UK, home to historic brands such as Royal Enfield, Triumph, BSA and Norton, at the turn of the 50s and 60s, the phrase Cafè Racer was born; this term took hold in the jargon of "bikers" with a derogatory tone towards the motorcycles of the "Rockers" - a youth subculture of England in the early XNUMXs - parked outside the so-called "cafes", including the famous Ace Cafe in London. cafe_racer_historyCafè Racer style motorcycles were, and still are, road vehicles to which all comforts were removed and accessories added "Special" often "homemade". These motorcycle accessories made them look like racing bikes while, in reality, they were aimed only at improving the aesthetic side. This way of personalizing motorcycles has given rise to a real cultural revolution, the "Custom Culture ", creating a new way of experiencing the motorcycle by combining the bellor the concept of freedom, which has always been a fundamental pillar of the world of two wheels. The main goal to make a motorcycle in style Cafe Racer, is to modify the “skeleton”: a lower handlebar is preferred to the original handlebar and almost always the standard saddle is replaced with a single-seater handcrafted saddle. From these two small but big modifications the first result of the Cafè Racer style is obtained, giving the driver the characteristic almost “hunched” driving position.  

Cafe Racer and not only

In the field of special motorcycle it is necessary to insert the Scrambler and bobber. In the first case we have a road motorcycle to which essential changes are made especially to the suspensions and tires. The Scrambler they mount strictly knobby tires , to be able to cross both asphalted and dirt roads. The dirt road, in fact, is the place where one motorcycle Scrambler  it best expresses all its characteristics. Bobber style, on the other hand, is a type of customization that takes hold in the late 50s. Using the original frame of the bike, you can mount: high-shoulder tires, strictly single-seater saddle, more performing rear shock absorbers and thermal bandages on the exhaust manifolds, giving the motorcycle a tasteful look vintage. The history of the cafe racer, scrambler and bobber has inspired our work from day one. We are waiting for you in ours motorcycle workshop custom in Rome to experience the history of the Cafè Racer together! accessories_triumph