Demi Jet helmet Vintage DMD P1 White

Casco demi jet vintage bianco
Casco Demi Jet Vintage DMD P1 Bianco
Casco Demi Jet Vintage DMD P1 Bianco
Casco Demi Jet Vintage DMD P1 Bianco
Casco Demi Jet Vintage DMD P1 Bianco
Casco Demi Jet Vintage DMD P1 Bianco

Demi Jet helmet Vintage DMD P1 White

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Demi Jet helmet Vintage DMD White - P1

Il Demi Jet P1 helmet di DMD in aquascape vintage is inspired by helmets vintage of the seventies, combining the retro design of the caps with a latest generation, long, transparent and removable visor.

Its removable visor, easy to spot and unscrew, is extremely useful and comfortable both in summer and in winter to shelter from the cold and wind.

il Demi Jet helmet White Vintage DMD P1 it has a fiberglass shell with removable and washable interior and double D ring closure, for maximum driving safety.

Feature of the Jet Helmet  White dmd:

  • Long Removable Visor
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Removable and Washable Interior
  • Homologated helmet

Choose yours Demi Jet to wear all seasons for an extremely comfortable ride.

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