Full helmet Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black

Casco Integrale Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black
Casco Integrale Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black

Full helmet Biltwell Lane Splitter Gloss Black

Brand: Biltwell Inc.
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Helmet Biltwell Lane Splitter Black Gloss Black 

The full face helmet is made with ABS outer shell, polyester inner shell and open cell quilted foam padding to meet homologation requirements ECE and DOT. The aggressive looking lines of this helmet really set it apart in the retro style helmet market.

Lbest choice for motorcyclists who demand comfort and high performance

Il Biltwell Lane Splitter Ece it has transparent anti-fog and anti-scratch visor, removable cheek pads, ventilated and shock absorbing EPS safety lining with a beautiful hand-stitched internal padding, padded chin strap and the classicwith double D-Ring closure. C.It also contains audio communication pockets in the recesses of the ears

Lane Splitter ECE is a full helmet iconic, ideal for your motorcycle rides in any weather condition.

Features Helmet Biltwell Lane Splitters:

  • ECE / DOT approved
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch visor
  • Removable Cheek Pads
  • Ventilated EPS lining
  • Padded chin strap
  • Intercom Pockets
  • Double D closure
  • Air Intakes

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