Couple Coils Nology Profire for Scrambler America Speedmaster

Coppia Bobine Nology Profire per Scrambler America Speedmaster

Couple Coils Nology Profire for Scrambler America Speedmaster

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ProFire is born from the new line of high performance Nology ignition coils. Ignition coils with Nology ProFire technology are the best on the market. To ensure the energy required to ensure high performance even when operating at high revs, ProFire coils have been developed to provide a faster voltage rise time with a substantial power reserve. The voltage available for the spark is above 45.000 volts at all RPMs and the spark energy is equally high. Despite their small size, their energy storage capacity and power reserve are excellent. The ProFire coil will simply supply your motor with the energy it needs to maximize its performance. When the best is simply good enough, use Profire! To get the best they can be combined with Nology cables and NGK Iridium spark plugs.


  • The kit consists of a pair of Coils
  • High energy
  • Maximum voltage for the spark
  • Fast voltage rise time

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