Dynojet kit Bonneville Thruxton 865 Stage 1

Kit Dynojet Bonneville 790 Stage 1

Dynojet kit Bonneville Thruxton 865 Stage 1

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Dynojet Kits are available for Triumph Bonneville, T100 and Thruxton. The kits of carbDynojet urination improve responsiveness to throttle control and allow for adjustment of the carbIntake and / or exhaust modifications increasing performance. This is the kit carburation for Bonneville Thruxton 865 Stage 1 (code E5121) for open exhaust and sports filter. Changing an exhaust or air filter often does not produce the performance boost sought simply because the carbhas not been adapted to the changes made. A mixture that is too greasy worsens performance and increases consumption, while a mixture that is too lean reduces performance and raises the operating temperature. A correct carburation allows you to get the most out of your engine. Each kit consists of:
  • 5 pairs of dynojet jets (DJ110, DJ112, DJ114, DJ116, DJ124)
  • pair of conical pins adjustable in 6 different positions
  • pair of soft springs for the gate valves
  • D-wrench for adjusting the air screw
  • Assembly instructions
The different pairs of jets and adjustable needles guarantee a perfect calibration for each configuration (engine / exhaust / filter).

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